Giving With Love

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Though no one can quite agree if there was an actual Saint Valentine, or, if there was, which Saint Valentine the celebration of love on February 14th is in honor of, it is universally acknowledged that Valentine’s Day is the day we show people we love them.

Traditionally, people think of romantic love, but parents also remind their children they’re treasured, and of course, schoolchildren agonize over perfect cards to hand out to friends at school.

Whether you’d like to make a gift in someone’s honor or maybe just spread the love around because – hey – you love Love, consider making a donation to East Lake Market to commemorate Valentine’s Day.

The East Lake Market team spends their days sharing love (and fresh veggies) (and health education and outreach classes) (and after-school programs) to the community of East Lake and even though LOVE itself is free, things like gas for the Market van is not.

Make donations online here or email [email protected] or call at (205) 836-3201 to ask if there are any delicious jams or other tasty products available for purchase.

Hearts will be happy (and healthy) all around – especially yours!