Hey Celebrities! Let’s Eliminate Food Deserts Together

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Have you heard of Food Deserts? Main Street Birmingham did some research on the existence of neighborhoods without nearby grocers (but with plenty of unhealthy food readily available) and found that over 88,000 citizens in the Magic City are living in these circumstances. It hardly needs stating that such conditions definitely affect quality of life.

Birmingham isn’t the only city suffering from these deficiencies. But it’s also hopeful to know that more and more people are becoming aware of these problems and taking a proactive approach to eliminating them. Even celebrities!

Here’s a great article from Garden and Gun magazine about actor Wendell Pierce’s new company Sterling Farms, which is working to bring grocery stores with fresh and local foods to impoverished areas of New Orleans.

So, Birmingham…who do we need to recruit to help us conquer our food deserts? Courtney Cox? Anybody got her number?